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She took part in the workshop “music and physical activity of children on the basis of the method of active listening to music by Batia Strauss,” and then it turned out that making music in grades 1-3 can be a fantastic experience and educational for children and a teacher. “Active listening by Batia Strauss delights me for years. I use it at all, the next class and discovering anew. Students will learn the name and the sound of percussion instruments, they are doing so more. unconventional. Read the score with notes and symbols, know the building known songs, learn concepts such as music. Pizzicato or coda. “- says Aleksandra Kaminska-Schoen. “Children are playing the works of classical music, which in other circumstances would not be interested in them, and so … play Strauss, Handel, Schubert, and Mozart Bethoveen. They dance Rachmaninoff and Chopin. This method, though at the beginning (even for the teacher) is not easy – really activates brings extraordinary results and great satisfaction. “The music was the theme of this year’s INSPIRE @ CY 2016. The early school Aleksandra Kaminska Schoen presented during the conference Batia Strauss use the method at work with students of classes 1-3. Definitely worth a try to inspire and move some fun music to their classes: *** The organizers of the conference Inspire @ CJE Early 2016 the company Think Global, Foundation for the Development of Knowledge Society THINK! and It is a partner of the Polish community Superbel Continue reading